The principle

Jagteshwar S. Chahal has been a member on the Law Society of Upper Canada since February 1994. His practice is purely restricted to Criminal defence work and protecting his client’s rights.

Mr. Chahal has extensive trial experience in the areas of impaired driving, domestic assault cases, theft/fraud, and sexual assault matters. He has been retained and successfully defended cases involving serious allegations such as Impaired Driving Causing Death and Attempt Murder.

Mr. Chahal has been featured in Legal Articles appearing in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, City TV, OMINI news and Time Magazine. He continues to work in his community to provide insight and knowledge on various topics and community based programs. He has been the founding member of various organizations including the South Asian Professional Networking Association.

He is proud of his ability to successfully handle complex cases and provide client’s with vigorous and comprehensive defence based on careful consideration of all the evidence and legal issues. He has successfully defended thousands of criminal matters.


Mr. Chahal is fluent in speaking Punjabi. Being able to speak Punjabi gives Mr. Chahal an advantage of better preparing his clients for trial; and being able to fully understand the circumstances of their case.